Dangers that Motorcyclists Have to Worry About That Other Drivers Don’t

When you decide to drive a motorcycle, there are inherent risks that you must know about before you take your first ride on the open road. Yes, everyone who travels on the main road on any vehicle is at risk for an accident, but there are additional risks that only motorcycle riders are exposed to.

In order to be sure that you are riding defensively and as safely as possible, take a look at these dangers below, and find your nearest motorcycle safety course to learn from the experts. If you are unfortunately involved in a motorcycle accident in Winter Park, contact us immediately for a free initial consultation. We will use our time to discuss your situation, your injuries, the variety of impacts on your life, and your options for seeking financial recourse for your damages.

Oncoming Traffic

Oncoming traffic is a concern for all drivers, but there are more chances that a motorcycle driver could find themselves in the way of it. For instance, if a car is changing lanes on a multi-lane two-way street, a motorcycle is much lighter and has a greater risk of being shoved into the opposite side of the street. Head-on collisions can be deadly no matter what vehicle you are in, but even at low speeds, can be catastrophic for a motorcycle rider.

Texting Drivers

Texting while driving has become a major issue in the United States, and can be a recipe for disaster for cars and motorcycles alike. When a driver is focusing on their cell phone and not the road ahead of them, they quickly lose focus and can drift across lanes. In addition, they may not notice the motorcycle that moved into their blind spot while they were distracted, and can cause an accident even after they return their attention to the road.

Varied Road Surfaces

Stretches of grooved pavement, sandy or icy patches, potholes, or any other type of abnormality on a road can be disastrous for a motorcycle. Since they are on two wheels, the center of gravity is not distributed and stabilized like it is in a 4-wheeled vehicle, and loss of control can happen a lot easier when there are only two contact points on the pavement. It is extremely important that motorcycle drivers stay vigilant of the road ahead at all times.

Blind Spots

Every car has blind spots, and because they are so much smaller than other vehicles, motorcycles can be easily lost in them. When a driver goes to change lanes with a motorcycle in their blind spot, they can easily sideswipe the rider without even realizing that there was someone there.

Turning Cars

In addition to lane changes, blind spots can cause problems for drivers who are turning at intersections. As well as losing a motorcycle behind them in their blind spot, it is also easy for a driver taking a left turn at an intersection, or turning onto a road from a side street, to miss the motorcycle coming towards them and cut them off. This can cause a motorcyclist to ride straight into the side of the car and be launched from their vehicle, or smash straight into the side of the car.


Because of their size and power, motorcycles can go shockingly fast. Sometimes a driver can get carried away and travel at speeds that are unsafe to them, as well as other drivers around them. As they are going faster, it means that their reaction times are cut down, and their ability to safely brake is reduced significantly. An animal in the road, car changing lanes, or an unnoticed curve coming up can all prove to be fatal to a motorcycle driver.

Car Doors

For bicyclists and motorcyclists alike, getting “doored” can be a serious problem. This happens when someone opens their car door to the street side without looking in the rear view mirror, and doesn’t notice the oncoming biker who then rides straight into it. Common injuries that occur from being doored include fractured collarbones, facial injuries, and worse.

When you decide to drive a motorcycle, make sure that you understand and acknowledge the risks. If you are involved in an accident, contact us immediately to discuss your options for a personal injury lawsuit.