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For as long as motorcycles have been on the road, motorcyclists have been marginalized and even stigmatized by drivers of other vehicles. When these motorists act negligently, motorcyclists do not benefit from cabin safety features and are exposed to incredible risk of injury. At Abercrombie, P.A., we understand the perception many have of motorcycles on the road and bring a more than a decade of legal experience to countering those sentiments in pursuit of proper relief for your injuries.

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Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are less visible on the road than other vehicles and are often missed, forgotten, or not properly regarded by other motorists. When this happens, negligence has occurred, and motorcyclists are put at undue risk.

Typical causes of motorcycle accidents with other vehicles includes:

  • Motorist failure to properly signal a left hand turn
  • Motorist failure to check before changing lanes
  • Motorist failure to stop in time (rear impact/rear-ended)
  • Motorist failure to check before opening car door
  • Impaired motorists (drugs, alcohol, distracted driving, etc.)

If any of these motorist actions—or any others—led to your motorcycle injury, moped accident, or motor scooter accident, then we invite you to contact us. We are ready to start exploring your legal options.

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When a motorcycle accident happens, it is common for motorists to claim that a motorcycle startled them or that the motorcyclist in some way themselves contributed to the accident. This prevalent discrimination against motorcyclists has no place in an accident claim if you have been hurt. At Abercrombie, P.A. our personal injury lawyers will ensure that the facts will be given every consideration in court, your rights will be protected, and that maximum compensation is pursued.

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