The Cost of a Car Accident Injury

If you have recently been in a car accident and suffered any degree of injury, you may have been surprised to see how quickly your bills and medical expenses can accumulate. Even if you are covered by insurance, these expenses can become extensive simply for the copays and deductibles you will need to pay for hospital visits, medications, physical therapy and other recovery processes, and more.

Once you start to see these bills and invoices increase, it becomes more obvious why a personal injury lawsuit is a very valid option to pursue compensation for your accident. Take a look below at some factors that go into the true cost of a car accident in South Florida, and contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the parts of a car accident injury that have “true” dollar amounts assigned to them. These will also be the most obvious factors of the cost of your accident, since you will see the real cost associated with them. Economic factors include things like hospital bills, medical procedures, ambulance rides, physical therapy and recovery costs, medications, and anything else that you receive a bill for pertaining to medical issues.

In addition, any income that you were not able to make, any vacation days or sick leave you needed to use, and any decrease in working hours as a result of your accident will be included. Even if you were able to use PTO (paid time off) in order to cover the time you missed while recovering, you are entitled to recovering those costs because you were forced to use the PTO.

In addition to expenses that have already occurred, we will also consider any possibility of future medical costs or future lost work into the economic cost of your accident. If, for example, you have sustained a permanent injury that leaves you disabled to an extent that you are unable to resume your former line of work, we will factor in your long-term decreased earning ability and possible job retraining. Issues such as this are often not considered when determining the “true cost” of a car accident and resulting injuries.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are aspects of your injuries that do not come with an invoice or bill. This includes things like your ongoing pain and suffering from your injuries, medical procedures, recovery work, and anything else that has caused you discomfort because of your accident. While there is no true cost to a factor such as your pain and suffering, it is considered very real, and entitles you to additional compensation for these issues.

In addition to pain and suffering, any loss of enjoyment or ability to pursue your former hobbies such as golf, hiking, or other activities that your injuries limit you from doing now, will play a role in determining the final cost of your accident and injuries. Oftentimes, we will use your economic damages as a base, and determine a fair multiplier in order to determine the non-economic damages you are owed. Simply put, your economic damages show a true cost for the immediate impacts of your accident, and the multiplier is a way in which to quantify your personal suffering. These two factors combined are often considered a fair way to determine the dollar amount included in your settlement or lawsuit.

We Will Fight For What You Deserve

Contact us today in order to discuss the specifics of your car accident during a free initial consultation. The aforementioned factors are just a few that are considered when determining the overall cost of a car accident and your injuries, and we will work diligently to ensure that you are compensated for everything you are owed.

At first glance, the true cost of a car accident seems limited to the medical bills and repair or replacement costs of your personal property, but that is only the start of the final amount.

When you are represented by the personal injury attorneys at Abercrombie, P.A., you can be confident that the true cost of your car accident is revealed, and that you have an experienced team of legal professionals fighting for the compensation you deserve.