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Getting in a car accident can be extremely disruptive to your life even if it only causes damage to your vehicle or other personal property, but when you suffer from bodily injury as a result of an accident the results can be catastrophic. In addition to needing to focus on adjusting to the inconveniences posed by your injuries, carrying on with your life, and managing the financial impacts on your life, you will likely also need to work with an insurance company and an agent to get the money that you need to move forward. To complicate matters, the insurance company will be doing everything in their legal power to limit the payments that they will make to you, which places the financial burden on your own shoulders for an accident that you didn’t cause.

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Instead of worrying about these issues on your own, and fighting with an insurance company while you are trying to recover from your injuries, contact the team at Abercrombie, P.A. today to learn about how we can help you get what you need and deserve. Our experience with personal injury cases, and car accident lawsuits in Davenport, in particular, will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you deserve. Contact us now for a free initial consultation where you will be able to speak with an attorney, learn about our process and our history of successes with similar cases, as well as get some free advice about how to best move forward with your life during this trying time. Unnecessary stress about the unknowns of your legal case can be put to rest.

Read more about our process with car accident settlements and lawsuits, and contact us now to get started on your case today.

What To Do After a Car Accident in Davenport

Call 911

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The first thing that anyone should do after being involved in a car accident is to make sure that they are safe, and that their passengers are safe. Once they have established that everyone in their vehicle is safe, the next thing is to contact the Davenport police department or call 911 so that they can dispatch emergency responders immediately. The police will be able to divert traffic and ensure that you are out of the way of additional harm due to oncoming cars, and the EMTs will be able to ensure that all injuries are addressed.

Get Medical Attention

If you are injured, it is absolutely essential that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you refuse an ambulance you should see your own doctor immediately, but if the EMTs believe that you need emergency care, it is always in your best interest to accept the help. This serves a double function of getting your injuries addressed and under control while also establishing a record for use in any sort of legal matters that may arise from the accident.

Contact An Attorney

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The next step to take is to begin working with an attorney as soon as possible. Whether or not you believe that your injuries will continue to worsen, your financial issues will accumulate, or for any other reason that you think it is too early to start speaking with an attorney, our initial consultation will give you a window into our process and give you a better idea of how you can move forward. 

In cases where we are unsure of the amount of money that we will seek for your injuries, for reasons such as upcoming surgeries, if you are uncertain of when you will be returning to work, or any other issue that could impact our ability to estimate your losses, we have many different methods to employ that will ensure you will not end up with less than what you need and deserve.

Determining Your Settlement Amount

No two accidents are alike, and no two injuries have the same impact on different victims, so we need to be sure that we approach each injury with a unique approach to make sure our clients end up with the amount of money that they deserve and need. We approach our clients’ situations by taking all different aspects of their injuries into account and then divide them into economic and non-economic damages. From there, we will work to calculate and quantify the monetary damages that are appropriate to pursue.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are intended to compensate a victim for the actual, measurable financial costs and losses that they have suffered as a result of their injuries. These are fairly simple to calculate for any cost or expense that has already been incurred, such as medical bills, surgery or physical therapy costs, and any impact to your earning capacity such as lost wages or decreased earning capacity. In addition, we will work to quantify any possible future costs and expenses such as short-term and long-term disability and any expected surgery or additional medical costs. It is important that we work diligently to calculate these future costs, as once we finalize your settlement or lawsuit, we will likely be unable to seek additional damages. 

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damage tends to be more difficult to calculate than economic damages because they do not come with receipts or invoices. These damages are intended to seek financial compensation for more abstract impacts such as pain, suffering, and emotional distress. Since it is so difficult to calculate these impacts, the most common method of applying a dollar value to these damages is by using something called a multiplier. This is a number, typically between 1 and 5, that indicates to a judge, jury, or insurance adjuster how severe your non-economic damages are. From there, we will apply that number to the economic damages that you have suffered in order to convert this abstract idea into an understandable financial issue.

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