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    Abercrombie has peerless experience in dealing with all manner of injury-related court cases. Car accidents are among his specialties–he’s won dozens of cases for individuals on the wrong side of a careless or malicious driver. And this extends to workplace vehicle mishaps as well. Whether you’re a vehicle operator or a commercial truck driver, Abercrombie can help you receive the compensation you deserve after being injured on the job.

    Personal injuries are among Abercombie’s expertise as well. Falling incidents, injuries caused by products and poor manufacturing, and much more can be addressed by Abercrombie and our stuff. Construction work accidents and similar work-related injuries are also within the realm of possibility.

    There are no injury-related cases our staff is incapable of handling. Contact us at your earliest convenience to lay out the details of your case, and we will get started on getting you the compensation you deserve.


    After being injured in a car accident, you will need to deal with an insurance company in order to recover the damages you are owed. However, insurance companies and their lawyers are not there to give away maximum damages. Instead, they will work to offer you a minimum settlement, and have you sign an agreement that you will not seek any additional damages in the future. Do not make any agreements with an insurance company without consulting an attorney!


    Unfortunately, Florida is the most dangerous state in the country for motorcycles. Because of this fact, we understand how important it is to have a team who is experienced in motorcycle accident cases, including personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. At speeds which would be a simple fender bender between two passenger cars, the collision can be catastrophic for a motorcycle rider. When you deal with insurance companies regarding motorcycle accidents, they will look for ways to place a percentage of fault on the motorcycle rider, and decrease their payments by that amount. We will make sure that you have a fair fight towards what you are owed.


    Ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft are increasingly common, and therefore the number of accidents that occur involving them are increasing as well. Uber partners with a series of major insurers across the United States, and when dealing with them, they can be very aggressive, and work to pay out as little as possible when there is an injury following an accident involving one of their drivers. However, we will look at our options and determine how we will seek the appropriate damages for your accident.


    Slip and fall is a premise liability claim, meaning that you are injured on another party’s premise, and are seeking financial compensation because of your accident. A slip and fall must prove that the party responsible for the property did, or should have, recognized that there was a safety hazard, and that they should have come up with a remedy. This could be a solution as simple as a “wet floor” sign placed beneath a leaky roof, if they did not have adequate time to fix the roof itself. If you are able to prove that they were aware of, or should have been aware of, the hazard, and did not take appropriate steps to keep you safe, then you may be able to proceed with a case.

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    Yulric Abercrombie is a highly experienced personal attorney with one of the most impressive and dense bodies of work in the entirety of the legal world. As the founder and head of his own practice, Abercrombie is ready to fight for you in court regardless of how complex or difficult your case may seem.

    Abercrombie is as understanding as he is well-versed in the law. When working with him, your story and personal needs will be addressed and resolved with care and conviction, as no one in the industry is more understanding of the emotional and physical traumas that come with injury cases. Abercrombie will ensure that your legal experience is stress-free and simple while providing the industry-leading results you would expect of an attorney of at his level.

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    Yulric Abercrombie, Attorney At Law, and the rest of the team at Abercrombie, P.A. are available to help you with your personal injury cases today. Whether you have been injured on a bicycle, a slip and fall, or any other injury that was beyond your control, we will happily represent you in order to get you the compensation you deserve

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    Consultations are free, easy, and convenient. Our phones and emails are open at all hours of the day. After you first contact us detailing your case, we will reach out within twenty-four hours to begin working out the details of our legal strategy. Likewise, you will be put in contact with Abercrombie not long after.

    To start healing and getting your professional and personal life back on track, contact Yuri Abercrombie at your earliest convenience–he’s ready and willing to fight for you.

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