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Yulric Abercrombie

After graduating Florida State University, Yulric Abercrombie began practicing in 2000 and worked for numerous law firms throughout the United States before founding Abercrombie, P.A. 

Yulric Abercrombie and his team are fully committed in fighting for your rights in court and prioritizes every one of their client’s cases.

Auto Accident Attorney

We handle numerous auto accident cases , let us see if we can help you with your case today!

What our clients say..

“Fantastic Team!”

Mr. Abercrombie and his team did a fantastic job on my case, couldn’t be happier! Not only did he keep me up to date with everything that was going on in my case but was on top of everything. Communication was a big plus and overall it felt like a family. I will highly recommend MR. Abercrombie! Thank you for everything that you have done ♥

Paola Arias | Kissimmee, FL

“Great Experience”

I had a car accident a couple years ago, it was on my birthday in June and I had a summer full of plans. I was going to DC for the July 4th holiday and had family coming in from overseas. The bills started coming in and my insurance company would not pay until the case was closed and I was becoming overwhelmed. I had never hired an attorney before but was so overwhelmed be it I everything made the choice to call one and this was the attorney I called, he came to my home the very next day, took all of my bills and from that day on I did not have to do a thing, he took care of everything if I had an issue with one phone call it was taken care of, and he got the maximum payment possible!! He and his staff were amazing!

Pam | Auvurndale, FL