Drunk Driving Accidents

Getting into an accident with another driver happens. That’s why it is called an “accident.” However, there is nothing more upsetting and frustrating than being involved in a crash with someone who made an intentional decision that led to an unsafe situation and ultimately ended with you or your passengers suffering from serious injuries. When someone decides to have too much to drink and then get behind the wheel, this can create an extremely dangerous environment for everyone on the road, and can be absolutely infuriating to think of as you are forced to recover from your injuries and endure ongoing pain because of such an irresponsible decision.

The team at Abercrombie, P.A. understands this frustration, and we want to do anything we are able to in order to help you get the justice that you deserve after enduring this horrible and unnecessary accident. Contact us now for a free initial consultation about your accident and injuries, where you will be able to speak with an experienced legal professional about your rights and options, how we have handled similar injuries in the past, and what we suggest your best steps to be in order to begin the process as soon as possible.

Read more below about how we calculate the damages that our clients are owed in drunk driving accidents, and contact now to speak about your options with a personal injury attorney in Central Florida. 

What To Do After an Accident With a Drunk Driver

The first thing that you should do in an accident is to make sure that you are safe, and that your passengers are safe. If anyone has suffered from injuries, it is important that you do what you can in order to reduce the possibility that they will be injured even more, but if you are unable to move them to safety without risking more harm, do not do so. It is especially important that victims of suspected spinal injuries are not moved unless it is absolutely necessary, as this may cause further damage and serious problems.

Contact the police as soon as possible so that they can secure the area and make sure that the emergency responders can get access to you and your passengers in order to provide emergency medical services and prepare for a trip to the hospital if necessary. If you are injured, make sure that you get the attention that you need. This is important for a few reasons that even go beyond your physical health because it establishes a medical record of your injuries early. These records will play an important part in a personal injury lawsuit  because it provides proof that the injury came from the accident.

Once you have gotten the medical attention that you need, contact an attorney. We will be able to work together from there in order to get in contact with eyewitnesses, recover any police reports and arrest records about the drunk driver, and begin building your case so that we can seek the financial relief that you deserve and are entitled to. 

Working With an Attorney

When you are working with a car accident attorney in Winter Park or elsewhere in Central Florida, you will be able to focus on the things that are important such as your physical and emotional recovery with confidence, since you will be getting legal support from a trained and experienced professional. It has been shown that stress seriously impacts recovery time, which means that when you are confident in your attorney, you can be confident in maximizing your recovery.

Working With Insurance Companies

When you are working directly with an insurance company, it is important that you know that your claim offer will be much lower than you rightfully deserve. When you are working with an attorney during the claims process, we will handle all negotiations on your behalf in order to ensure that if we decide to settle out of court, the settlement appropriately compensates you for your suffering. If our negotiations fail, we will then seek compensation through a full lawsuit in the Florida court system

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No matter where you are it in this process, contact us now to learn about how we can help you get the financial support that you need and deserve. Dealing with insurance companies on your own is overwhelming, and you are working against a company that is entirely built around giving you as little money as possible while avoiding legal issues. We will fight on your behalf to ensure that your injuries from a drunk driver do not go unaddressed.